Monday, 20 April 2009

Spring has sprung...

... and I am embracing colour. I recently bought red shoes, a green mac and a cardigan of many colours. And beauty wise, today I chose Essie bachelorette bash for my nails. Which, by the way, look great next to the green mac. It's a hot pink.

I love this time of year with fresh new colours and I am feeling like I never want to wear black again. Obviously I will because I cannot live completely without black.

I now want some really vibrant eyeliner. Any suggestions?

Sunday, 5 April 2009

New hair

Last week I woke up and hated my hair. I am sure you know how that goes. So I called my hairdresser for an emergency appointment for later that day. Luckily she could fit me in.

Why was I hating it? Well, I desperately needed a colour and it just felt really heavy and blah. I had a rare moment where I said to my hairdresser - do what you like!

And she did, she cut loads of layers in, gave me a slight side fringe and made it a darker colour. I felt like a new woman. And being as good at her job as she is, she sold me two new products. A new hairstyle means new products. Always. It's the law.

Kerastase - the daddy of hair products. So I got a cream you put on after shampoo and conditioner to make it super soft. It is lovely and works very well and is designed to protect your hair when you blow dry it. It's very rich so I don't put much on but it smells very yummy and sinks in perfectly.

And I also got a texturising waxy cream thing. I am not really one for styling products at all but I felt chunky layers needed a little help. I am very pleased with them both. But boy, very expensive stuff. Good thing you don't need much!


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