Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hermes Voyage

My radio silence is due to the fact I've been on holiday. Thailand since you ask and yes, it was lovely thank you.

Bangkok airport: best beauty shopping I've seen at any airport. Just amazing counters with MAC, Nars etc all represented. And no annoying staff buzzing around you. I had a great time sampling and trying things.

Now obviously I don't need a new perfume so I didn't buy one. Yes, you read that correctly. However, I did sample the new Hermes one. (I know that has an accent over it somewhere but I don't know how to do that.) It is called Voyage and look at the advertising! I am not a horse kind of girl but I do think this advert is spectacular. And so perfect for Hermes.

The perfume is really lovely. It's unisex which normally does not appeal to me but it's really a gorgeous scent. It's light but interesting and I couldn't stop sniffing my arm. It's also expensive. Of course it is. Since when does Hermes ever do anything cheap?

This reminds me of when I went into the Bond St Hermes shop with my dear friend Hayley. I rather liked the enamel bracelets and was looking to see how much they were. I thought one said £60 and thought 'oh, that's affordable but that can't be right'. I checked and in fact that was the size. It was £450. For an enamel bracelet.

Anyway, if you are in need if a new perfume and have the money to spare, I can recommend Voyage.

Friday, 15 October 2010

That Gal - Benefit

Being at the airport for work on a Sunday necessitates a small spend I think we can all agree. Since the top I liked in Reiss wasn't available in my size, I bought this. I don't know why.  I think it was the prospect of a three-day conference, bad food and no sleep. I felt my skin might need some help.

This is a primer but you can wear it by itself which is what I did. It's got an ingenious way of dispensing, you twist the bottom and it comes out of little holes at the top. Literally minutes of fun to be had!

It's good. It brightens up your complexion and it's not heavy at all. I recommend it. Only £17 duty-free which I consider a bargain.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bliss lid and lash remover

No, it doesn't actually remove your eyelids and lashes. That wouldn't be good. I ordered this when I did my lookfantastic order. I love Bliss products. And I am always on the quest to find an eye make-up remover that doesn't sting and actually works effectively.

Call off the search! Here it is. This stuff is miraculous. I tried it tonight on my heavy duty mascara (I wear quite a lot) and it removed it effortlessly. No rubbing. No panda eyes. It's a lovely clear gel. No stinging. I am LOVING it.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

All about eyes

I've not tried a new mascara for ages which is a bit slack of me so I have given two a road test in the last few weeks.

First up Maybelline - The Falsies. Yes it really is called that. I picked this up in America where Maybelline is priced correctly unlike over here. It cost about $5. I rather liked this once I managed to apply it but it isn't easy to apply. Smudge-o-rama. The cotton buds were out in full to mop up my mistakes. However, this does make your lashes look longer, there is no doubt. But, application is key and I don't think I can recommend this. It's also hard work to get it off at the end of the day.

Next up, No 7 Exceptional Definition. Now, I never learn my lesson with No 7 mascara. This time I was tempted with the offer of a eye shadow palette if I bought the mascara. Look how pretty it is. How could I resist?

So I bought the mascara. And it's a complete waste of time. It's so underpowered. I put on four coats and peered into the mirror thinking 'surely I must be able to see some thickening or lengthening or something'. Nope. It's rubbish. But the eye palette is lovely and I would happily wear all the colours. So basically it was £12 for an eye palette. The mascara will be consigned to the bin (unless anyone wants it) and I shall now officially never buy No 7 mascara again. Also, where do they get the price from? It's Boots for goodness sake. If I want to spend £12 on a mascara, I shall go to Clinique.

I've just placed a big order at Lookfantastic. A great site by the way. They give you loads of freebies when you buy things. And I am quite excited about one purchase in particular. I shall report back.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

This week's nail colour

A bit late to post this one but this week I chose Pouf Daddy. A lovely red and I have enjoyed it.

Yesterday I had 10 minutes to spare in the High Street Kensington Boots (which is one of the best Boots you can visit) and I was very tempted by Chanel's Paradoxal nail varnish. This is a very unusual looking purple. However, Chanel nail varnish really isn't worth the money (and it is expensive) as the formula simply isn't very good. So I resisted and bought other things instead which I'll tell you about soon.


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