Sunday, 23 June 2013

A little trip to SpaceNK...

Before I begin, I have to tell you that the Clinique CC cream is excellent, it really does make you look better with very little effort. It's a tiny bit drying, I put serum and then moisturiser on before this however I do have quite dry skin and most people would be fine with just one of these. I'm enjoying it very much. Recommended.

Yesterday I met a friend in town and she wanted a new tinted moisturiser and lipstick. Off to SpaceNK we went to be helped by a gay Kiwi guy called Gary. He looked rather extraordinary but he knew what he was talking about. The lipstick he picked out for her brightened her whole face. And the tinted moisturiser (both Laura Mercier) was perfect. Covent Garden branch - check him out.

While we were in there, I took some time to explore the Nars counter. Oh, how I adore Nars. The make-up is so funky yet wearable. I've wanted the creamy concealer for a while but couldn't quite justify it. My friend said she'd given up on concealer however Gary applied it and honestly, it's not like she didn't look good before but this is eight hours sleep in a bottle. We were both deeply impressed.

Unfortunately they were sold out of our colour (Vanilla) however it's in stock online so naturally I ordered it. I don't think it's worth ordering just one product online so I also bought the eye base.

And I was very impressed by the Caudelie make-up removing cleansing water so I got that too.

And then I don't know how it happened but a Laura Mercier nail varnish jumped in.

Look at that colour and tell me you could have resisted? I was feeling proud that I'd resisted in the shop but it all fell apart once I opened my laptop. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Revisiting Clinique

It's years since I paid any real attention to Clinique. When I was in my 20s, I loved it and thought it was the pinnacle of sophistication. I did the 3-step skincare thing until I realised the toner was like paint stripper and the cleanser didn't really cleanse so much as scrub. I moved on to Clarins in my 30s, deciding Clinique was a little passe and a bit, well, young. In my 40s I try everything in an attempt to halt middle-age but that's another story.

Word on the street gathered about the new CC cream. BB - whatevs. I am over it. But several people I trust told me the CC cream was worth a look. And so it came to pass today, I finally spent a bit of time at a Clinique counter and drew comfort in the knowledge that some things never change. One being that Clinique sales assistants always wear too much, badly applied make-up. It's so off-putting. I soldiered on however and decided that the CC cream was worth £28 of my hard-earned pennies.

I am posting this hot off the press so I shall report back with my verdict. If you are wondering what on earth a CC cream is and why it is different to a BB cream, the information on their website is helpful. Lightweight and naturally radiant. Who doesn't want that?

While there, it would have been rude not to investigate further (plus there was a free gift with two purchases) so I picked up a Chubby Stick for the eyes in Mighty Moss. I couldn't resist.

I didn't need it as you all know but well, the colour is lovely. And I also picked up the superbalm for lips because 20 lip balms are not enough.

For my troubles, they rewarded me with a very nice free gift.

I exited Peter Jones very happy. People still buy their Dramatically Different Moisturiser. I find it astonishing. Who are you? Tell me if you buy it and like it, I am interested.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Nail colour of the week

Essie's Hip Anema today. What does that name even mean? I don't know but it's a glorious neon-y orange and perfect for the sunny day that swung into town.


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