Monday, 28 April 2014

Nars Matte Multiple

We all have a trusty Nars Multiple kicking about in our make-up collection. I have two and I like them both but when I read they had new matte ones coming out, my heart skipped a beat. It's no secret that I am obsessed with blusher but as I get older, I find the sparkle, shimmery, glistening look to be a bit, well, teenage for me.

I want sophisticated. I want to look like someone who could wear a cream suit all day and not get a smudge on me. Basically I want to look expensive and removing the glitter helps with that. I resisted this for days. DAYS I tell you. And it was hard with two Sephoras within spitting distance of my office. However, as I was gadding about town yesterday morning, I found myself magnetically drawn to it and decided that I must buy it. No more dallying.

I went for Anguilla because Sali Hughes said it was a good shade and I trust Sali. It's a delightful, suit anyone, pink. The texture is heavenly, you barely need to blend it. I had forgotten how much I love the Multiple for that. I'd never put it on my lips as it's way too drying. But as a blusher, I feel like I've come home.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Nail colour of the week

It's been a while since I've done this but I went for a mani/pedi today having spent the afternoon in the office. Yes, Saturday afternoon in the office. I figured I deserved it.

On my toes, I went for this YSL beauty (I took it with me, I've yet to enter a salon that has YSL varnishes).

I was going to have the same colour on my fingers but the lady next to me was having Essie's Limo-scene and it was so clean and fresh looking, I changed my mind.

I bounced out in sandals. Yes, sandals! Happy days.

In other news I am obsessing somewhat over the Nars new matte multiples. I need and want. It's a dangerous combination.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring hair beauty round-up

I am going to say this very quietly but I think Spring might have finally hit New York. Today I went outside and was too warm. The sun was shining and the gay boys downstairs are having a party on their balcony with no tops on. It's time to shed off the layers and dust down the body ready for summer. It's also time to move away from the dark colours and brighten up. I am well aware that the UK has sprung but here in New York, we've been getting excited about this moment. It's been so cold. I won't go on about it but there are parts of my body I had forgotten about.

To celebrate I thought I'd talk about a few hair products that I've been exploring recently. Firstly, this Thickening shampoo by L'Oreal. Sali Hughes raved about this and then so did a trusted friend. I bought some despite the fact that I don't have fine hair. I find my hair is a little flat in this city so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

There is nothing wrong with it but it makes no discernible difference to my locks. It is a perfectly acceptable shampoo and conditioner however so it's not going in the bin but I won't buy it again.

I bought this, which my sister raved about. Living Proof Style Extender.

This isn't cheap, you smooth it on your wet hair and then style as usual. It repels grease and dirt meaning you can go longer between washes. It does work I must admit but my problem is I live in a polluted city and I go kickboxing. Leaving my hair too long between washes is just icky. It may look ok but I have to live with it! It would be good for holidays perhaps.

Despite knowing all this and the fact that I don't get on with dry shampoos, I still bought yet another one this weekend.

Psssst! Best name ever! It's $6 for a huge can. It doesn't smell disgusting and it does appear to work. I will probably use this more in London than New York but I am giving it a cautious thumbs up.

My conclusion is that I need to be rich enough to afford a blow-dry three times a week. Nothing makes you feel as fabulous as professionally blow dried hair. I reckon I would actually save a fortune as I would stop buying all these products and wouldn't ever need any shampoo! I'd just always get it washed professionally. Oh well, maybe one day.


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